Admissions Packet=Decisions

I received the admissions packet from Chapel Haven the other day. There are soooo many forms. Each form means another decision to be made. First is the decison to send him to the program. I have to sign a letter agreeing to send him to the program and how to pay for it. Dan also has to fill out form saying that he wants to go to the program, what he hopes to learn at the program and what his fears are. Another form is a medical form. This form has to be filled out by a doctor in New Haven. So decision number two is what doctors will my son use while in New Haven. He will need a primary physician, psychiatrist and a dentist. Dan will also be linked with a local pharmacy which I will link to a credit card to pay for his medications. He will have a local bank account in New Haven. He also needs to get a CT reduced fare card for buses and trains. All of this means that my son is moving to CT. I am not ready to make him a CT resident yet. That will probably happen before he graduates. So he will still be linked to NJ, not only by me, but also by local agencies. He won’t receive services from NJ but we aren’t changing his residency just yet. Lots of decisions; lots of changes; all for the positive.


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