Paying for Chapel Haven and other post-secondary education options

I am a single mom of a young adult male with significant developmental disabilities. He has attended ECLC of Chatham, NJ for the past 8 years. It has been a wonderful, supportive environment for my son. He has grown into a fine young man under their tuteledge. He is strong-willed, growingly independent and happy. He knows what he wants. Bernards Township where we live paid for his education as a result of going through due process in 2002. He has learned alot academically and more importantly in the area of Activities of Daily Living. He is graduating in June 2011. It will be a day full of mixed emotions. In January, he stayed at Chapel Haven of New Haven, CT for 5 nights. He loved it! He lived in an apartment with two roommates, learned to cook and clean, attended classes and went on school trips over the weekend. He was accepted two days later. Now we face the challenge of paying for it. Since Chapel Haven is out of state, I can not use funds from the Division of Developmental Disabilities. My son and I are meeting with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services in 2 weeks to see if we can get funding. My son’s father pays child support which will contribute to the nearly 60,000 dolaar tuition, room & board. But it will not cover the entire cost. I will also let Social Security Administration know that my son will be living out of state in a post-secondary education institution. They hopefully will increase their contribution to Dan. Somehow we will put together the funds to pay for the program. In my opinion, this is critical for my son’s continued growth and education. Next, figuring out what services we will have to employ in CT.


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