Dan’s home!

I picked up my son Monday morning. We had the exit interview in Connie Brand’s office. The reviews were positive. There were skills to work on which was to be expected. He had an issue with one of his apartment-mates. This young man  is working on his own issues and Dan will have to learn to deal with difficult people like young men like this.  When asked how he dealt with the problems, he said he went to staff. Good job ! That was what he was supposed to do. Before we left, Connie asked Dan if he wanted to attend Chapel Haven.. He responded that he wanted to think about it. She said that was fine.

On our ride home, we talked about his visit. I asked him if he enjoyed his stay at Chapel Haven. “Yes, mom.”  I asked if he liked the classes. “Yes, mom.” I asked what he like the most. “Guys day out at Palisades Mall.”  I asked what he didn’t like. “That gong class. I didn’t know how to do it.” I said ok, he could learn it. I asked if he wanted to go to Chapel Haven. He said he wasn’t ready. When I asked why; he said he wasn’t done with school. I told him that he was not leaving ECLC until after graduation. Big smile!  Then he sighed in relief. He then told me that he liked Chapel Haven. I told him I think he would do great in Connecticut. He said, he would think about it. Fair enough.

The staff is meeting Wednesday and we should hear by Thursday.  Details to follow.


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