Chapel Haven Visit

He’s there!  Wednesday morning, we checked in to Chapel Haven. We met with Connie Brand, Admissions Coordinator, to review rules and schedules. Then Carmelina came in. She was the assessment officer who would work with my son. We carried his belongings up to his apartment. His roommate and apartment mates weren’t there. They were in class. We took a quick tour  of the building. Then I was told to say my goodbyes and to leave. I was a nervous wreck! How would he do? Would he be happy? I really hoped I had made the right decision. I spent the entire ride back to Jersey on the phone talking to friends to calm me down.  I got home safely and paced. What was I going to do with myself. The house seemed so big, empty and quiet.  I watched tv, surfed the web and set the alarm. I eventually fell asleep. I got up in the morning with no phone call from my son. No news is good news right?  Finally, at 9am I could stand it no longer. I left a message for Connie, apologizing for being a nudge but I needed to know how my son was. Shortly after, I heard from her. He was doing beautifully. He did chores in the apartment, went to class and met lots of other residents. Most importantly, he was independent, adult and making friends. Whew! What a relief!  I knew he’d do well but now I know this is the right decision. Thank you, Chapel Haven!  See you Monday morning for pick up!


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