Another option

I have raved about Dan’s school, ECLC.  Two years ago, they opened a day program called PRIDE. It is a day program that runs 5 days a week. It also has extended day on Wednesdays so that participants can take night classes at ECLC for alumni. It also offers 2 nights a week as a supplement for alumni who participate in other programs. 

Just as a precaution, I am going to interview at PRIDE.  The process, as I understand it, starts with a parent inquiry followed by an interview with the director, Dot Libman.  If Dot and I come to agree, Dan will be invited to a two-day visit at the program. Based on that, a decision will be made whether he will be accepted.

The greatest concern of course is how to pay for the program. DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) has a program called Self-Directed Day Programs which clients can use for programs such as this. It also can include hiring personal assistants for the client, travel training, and other related costs such as care for the individual when the parent is unable to be home. Reminder: DDD funding for this program is only available for adults 21 and older who have graduated from school.  More details to follow, I am contacting PRIDE this morning.


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