Dr. Wakefield: Not a Doc at All

It’s all over the news:  the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-measles vaccine link  is bogus. The study, by Dr. Wakefield, “proved” that thermisol, an active ingredient in the vaccine, causes Autism. I never believed it. I had my kids vaccinated and neither are on the Autism Spectrum.  Now the study has been disproven.  Doctor Wakefield has lost his license in the United States & Great Britain. It was revealed that the study was conducted on only twelve patients. Some of those patients had developmental disabilities. The doctor hid that very important piece of information.  A study on the ASD-Measles link was conducted and published in the New England Journal of Medicine disproving the study by Dr. Wakefield. Maybe now, parents will vaccinate their children and we can once again eradicate measles from the medical lexicon of pediatric medicine.


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