Happy New Year!

Well bloggers, 2010 is over…so what are your plans? In my house, we are busy preparing Dan for graduation. He has 5 months left in school. We have chosen a program for him to attend after graduation. Dan will be attending Chapel Haven in New Haven, CT. I looked at many programs but this one met both his and my needs.

Chapel Haven is a program for adults from the ages of 18-26.  It is a two-year program in which residents live in apartment with roommates. The apartments are fully furnished with 2 or more bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room and bathroom. The training is done in the apartment, the classrooms and the community. Residents are taught cooking, laundry, housekeeping, grocery shopping and travel training. They are given employment readiness skills, money skills, vocational training. They are also assisted with social skills and developing leisure skills. The school and its residents are a vital part of New Haven.

 He is visiting the program for 6 day later this month. During that time, he will participate in the program as if he were a resident. At the same time, he will be evaluated on skills of independent living, social skills, employablility and transition to adulthood skills. Understandably, he is nervous. So am I. He is moving on and moving out. After his evaluation, I will letyou know, how it went and more about this program.


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