Choices We Face

October 4, 2010

This is a pivotal year for my son. This is a pivotal year for me. Graduation year means finding the next step. There are many options for young adults like my son…day programs, work shops, supported employment, competitive employment and post-secondary education.  That is the choice we are making. I am looking for a post secondary education program for my son. I found five programs. One program was at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). When I looked at their website, it seemed adequate.  I called the Admissions Office to speak with someone and get more information.  Long story short, it is primarily a commuter program. So I scratched that program off the list.  There was a program in Cambridge, MA. I ruled that out because my son is a die-hard Yankees fan and living in Red Sox territory would be painful for him.  Another program exists in Central Islip, NY. Intrigued after reading the information and website, I eagerly called the Admissions Office to speak with someone to get additional information. It is a three-year program. It has residential, vocational and life skills programs. But they really believe in functioning like a college. They don’t seem to offer enough checks and balances to the student’s freedoms. That concerned me. I think my son needs more monitoring of his safety. Maybe I am overprotective, but that is how I feel. So we are down to two options:  Chapel Haven in New Haven, CT and Vista Vocational in Guilford, CT.  I have read the websites, spoken to Admissions Officers and asked for applications. This is very exciting. Even my son is thinking about college.  Like his brother, he will go to college after graduation. Now the choice is which one?