The “R” Word is Being Removed!

Recently, I have read in many local media sources that the “R” word is being removed. Governor Christie from NJ has signed legislation to remove the “R” word from all legislation in NJ. The “R” word is being replaced with the phrase, “intellectual disabilities”. This phrase is a much more accurate description and much less demeaning phrase to describe individuals with developmental disabilities. Kudos to Governor Christie for doing the politically correct thing.

I also read that legislation has been passed in the US Senate to remove the “R” word from legislation as well. The “R” word is also being replaced with the phrase “intellectually disabilities” in US legislation. I applaud the US Senate as well.

Now we need to remind our peers, friends, co-workers, children, parents and anyone we talk to to remove the “R” word from their vocabulary. I know I have and do! I hope I can count on your support.

Sandra Bishins, LSW, MSW

SGB Consulting, LLC


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