April 9, 2010

As many parents of children aging out of the school system know, one of the most important benefits a person with special needs has is Social Security Insurance (SSI). This benefit comes with a second important benefit, Medicaid. These two benefits will provide the path to your young adult family member’s future. Many programs for adults with developmental disabilities are tied to Medicaid. What this means is that your family member must have both SSI and Medicaid in order to qualify for adult programs such as housing, vocational programing, day programming as well as medical care. I am pleased to say that my son has (finally) qualified for both. The SSI check comes on the first of every month and along with it a second source of medical insurance is available for my son (Medicaid). Exactly what I will do with the Medicaid benefit at this point is undetermined. I will keep you posted. My next post will deal with how to qualify for SSI and the ways to use this money that meets the criteria. Good luck with your path toward adulthood. Let me know how things are going!