High School Rings

I remember being a senior in high school and being so excited about getting my high school ring. It was 10K gold and had a white stone (for April’s birthstone) and my initials in the inside. There wasn’t alot of choices; boys or girls, birthstone and whether you wanted your initials in the inside. I think it cost around $70 which was alot of money back then. Today, high school students don’t seem to get high school rings. I’m not sure why but that is what my son who is a senior told me. However, my son who attends a private school for students with special needs did get one. He was so excited to order it. But he instructed me not to spend alot of money. Well alot of money is subjective, right?  I was thrilled to order his ring. It has his school mascot, the year he will graduate, a blue stone for the school color and his initials inside. He loves it! I am thrilled.  The ring was ordered as a Chanukah gift for the small price of $195.00 and that was the inexpensive version.

I love my son’s school. They really work hard to give the students every opportunity to have all the things that students in regular education at public school have. They have a yearbook (another highlight), school rings, prom, dances, and sports teams/clinics. But they also have more. My younger son often remarks…I wish I could do that when his brother gets to have a special opportunity such as walking into town to have lunch at a restaraunt, or to go to the bank or to go on a special trip. What I often have to remind him is that those are opportunities for Community-based Instruction. He shrugs his shoulders and grumbles, but I know he really gets it.

Both of my sons are incredibly blessed in very different ways. Their presence in my life is a gift which I am thankful for almost everyday. My hope is they will realize this as they grow up to be the fine young men.


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